Friday, February 19, 2010

An eternal evening

Sitting across the seas
Seasons of memories
I see through your eyes

A walk with you
at twilight times
watching those nature’s strokes
In blue, red and yellow

as we descend
on the edge of mountain
….. those
birds returning to their nest
for another night of rest
herd of sheep on their way
encircles us
……to standstill for a moment
and bring us close with their command.

down few steps..
the flowing springs
without a break
day and night
singing along
with rubble and bubbles

a light or two, here and there
down in the valley
announcing birth of
their one night life
…..soon to replicate
the stars on ground.

holding your breath……
as if you could do
you start counting stars…
rhythm of your heartbeat
a symphony in my ears
touched, without touching
we sit on a rock to experience
an eternal evening!

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